Press Release for Vengeance in Blood


First Time Author Follows in the Footsteps of Some Classic Thrillers!

A strong thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.  It’ll leave you guessing and begging for more.  Lee Kelley’s debut novel follows in the footsteps of classic thrillers.  It takes a dash of Black Friday, sprinkles in a little Dead to Rights and presents Vengeance in Blood—the latest classic thriller!

Set in Atlanta, Georgia, Vengeance in Blood, a wife from a prominent family learns she is HIV-positive and in response to this devastating news, she kills her husband in a fit of rage.   Little does she know that the virus is spreading across Atlanta and her husband is innocent.  Enter detective Lacy who’s in charge of solving this great mystery.  As Lacy probes deeper she uncovers a chilling fact: someone appears to be infecting the blood supply with the AIDS virus!  She enlists the help of FBI Agent Margie Olsen to track down this brilliant killer.

Will Atlanta go down in a bloody mess of violence, death and the HIV virus?  Or can detective Lacy and FBI Agent Olsen uncover the mystery and the implosion of one of America’s biggest cities!  Vengeance in Blood is a breakthrough thriller for a first time author.

Lee Kelly has worked in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for more than twenty years. Originally from Alabama, she currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her four cats and dog. This is her debut novel.